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Word on the street says there’s a fun new way to support the SMSO… and we have a golden opportunity in front of us!

In revamping our mission to “Transforming ALL Lives Through Music,” the SMSO has dedicated itself to ask its community what it wants, to listen to those responses, and deliver quality live music and music education that matches what we hear from you, our Southwest Michigan community.

Speaking of matches, we’ve struck one and have ignited such momentum that we’ve been noticed: The Frederick S. Upton Foundation has issued a challenge to the SMSO: if we raise $40,000,  the Foundation will match that amount!

This is an incredible and impactful gift – but we need YOUR help to cash in!

Join us for SMSO’s Sunday Speakeasy Fundraiser to help us take a wide stride toward that target! If an evening of do-goodery, good brews, food, and live Jazz sounds like the cat’s pajamas, act now to secure your tickets: spots are limited and will disappear fast!

Here’s the Lowdown, Folks… 
Secure your pass and meet us at The Livery on Sunday, Nov. 12, 5 o’clock sharp… Don’t be late, be a good egg and come equipped to have a great time: put on your glad rags and your generous spirit to help us meet our $40,000 goal! We don’t want to be letting anybody down, now do we?

Still Need Coaxing, Huh?
Look now, we can’t be giving away too many details, but if it helps, The Andrew Fisher Quartet & Friends will serve up the tunes and take us on a journey through jazz. The folks from the SMSO got in cahoots with the Livery to brew a limited edition Juke Juice, specially-made JUST for that night! 

Once you get there, there’ll be some good eats to nosh on, tasty beverages to wash it down with, and a handful of fun raffle prizes if Lady Luck takes a liking to you. And hey – if you’re good to us, we’ll be good to you: if you scratch our backs and Fund-A-Need, we’ll throw in some perks to make it worth your while.

About Those Glad Rags
Keep it clean, classy, and comfortable for a good time. You wanna be the cat’s meow? Theming it up speakeasy-style is encouraged! 

NEW! I’m A Friend of the SMSO Pass ($20) gets your foot in the door! Enjoy a fun night out filled with live jazz, do-goodery, and great company! Right off the bat you can feel good about yourself because there’s a $20 donation to the Symphony built right into your ticket. Just by coming to the event you help move the needle on our match target and get a tax write-off! Hold on to your ticket-order receipt to show the IRS man. From there, it’s up to you how much more good-doin you wanna do.

Side Entry Ticket ($50)  gets you a pass to the VIP space upstairs where a selection of complimentary appetizers awaits! Just like the “Friend” pass, a $20 donation is built into your ticket,  so hold on to your ticket-order receipt for tax time. 

What’s behind the Green Door Pass ($55)? You get a little bit extra. Your built-in $20 donation gets you in the door, you get to enjoy the complimentary appetizers upstairs in VIP,  PLUS we’ll have a 12-oz glass of that limited edition, specially-brewed Juke Juice set aside just for you. Tell me that’s not a deal!

Yeah sure we’ll have a little bit more to go around to others if they get curious once they’re there, but -between you and me- they’re gonna have to pay a little more to get a little bit less if they don’t jump at this chance. This Pass is limited, so snag it while you can!

It takes a lot to keep a Symphony going, and the SMSO is no exception. In addition to our existing programming, the SMSO has a strong desire and a plan to bring more to the table to the benefit of Southwest Michigan.

An opportunity like the $40,000 Challenge Match put forth by the Frederick S. Upton Foundation would make a significant impact. Meeting this challenge will help us continue forward toward our vision of being a dynamic, vibrant, and inclusive arts organization that actively contributes to the betterment of its community. 

What counts towards the match?

Individual donations, sponsorships, and other monies raised through fundraising activities like the SMSO Sunday Speakeasy event are eligible to count toward our $40,000 target. 

$20 from your Speakeasy Ticket? It counts! Buy a raffle ticket, or two or ten? They count! You Fund-A-Need? Now you’re talkin’! That definitely moves the needle! Givin’ us a gift of little extra dough by cash, check, or credit card just because you have a soft spot for us? Every dollar matters!

Our Fund-A-Need donation opportunities are now LIVE!
Find them listed at the bottom of this event page!

From supplies and equipment that sure would help us behind the scenes, to concert sponsorship opportunities — there’s a broad cost-range of specific items you can put your money behind to get personal satisfaction, bragging rights, and donor perks!

Fund-A-Need items range from $50 to $5,000 (a preview of items coming soon!) Selected items meet use-specific criteria, and listed pricing reflects the actual cost of the need. Should you feel inspired to add a little frosting on top, we won’t hold you back! Your icing supports the SMSO’s general operations, and increases our potential for adding new projects and programming.

Go solo and take all the credit, or pool your resources together with others to help meet real needs of the SMSO! 

Instead of taking home another tchotchke that’ll clutter up your space and collect dust, you’ll be rewarded with free tickets to future concert experiences, a tax write-off, and the satisfaction of knowing exactly how you made a difference!

Monies raised through Fund-A-Need count toward our $40,000 target!

Nothing topsy-turvy here: a small selection of Speakeasy-themed prizes will be available to win through a raffle drawing.

Raffle tickets are $5 each (or $40 for ten tickets; $70 for twenty tickets) and will be available for purchase onsite during the event. The more raffle tickets you buy, the better your chances to win!

Monies raised through raffle ticket sales count toward our $40,000 target.

Check back soon for more details.


$20 I’m A Friend Pass (Entry only)
$50 Side Door Ticket (VIP: appetizers)
$55 Green Door Pass (VIP: apps + drink)
All guests must be aged 21 or older.
Processing fees included in price.



Andrew Fisher Quartet & Friends 


4:00 PM – Doors Open.
Complimentary appetizers available.

4:00-6:45 PM – Fundraising Activities.
Participate in Fund-A-Need; purchase raffle tickets.

5:00-7:00 PM – Live Jazz Music
Periodic announcements on fundraising progress and Raffle Drawings for prizes will be interspersed.


Available for purchase onsite during event
— Juke Juice Drink Tickets: $7 each
— Raffle Tickets:
     Single ticket: $5
     Ten tickets: $40
     Twenty tickets: $70
— Fund-A-Need Items range from $50-$5,000

Additional food & beverage of your choice
is available for purchase through the Livery.


Picture It:
Your support of the SMSO means YOU are Transforming All Lives Through Music! You’re making sure that top notch, grade-A, live music and music education is here to stay. You like the sound of that? We do too! 

Listen, I’ve Already Said Too Much For Now, But… 
A word of advice: Remember to keep checking the SMSO’s website and Facebook page for updates! More details are gonna be leaked soon, details you won’t want to miss!

Now go get your pass before it’s too late!

Fund-A-Need Donation Opportunities

You can now support the SMSO through targeted donations! Provide needed supplies to help us behind the scenes, enhance concert experiences, or sponsors guest artists and concert productions. Contact us if you have any questions. Your gift not only meets immediate needs for us, you also contribute toward our match target, AND your gift is tax-deductible! Be sure to save your receipt to claim your contribution on your annual tax filing.