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With its ability to transcend barriers, symphonic music holds lifelong relevancy regardless of an individual’s economic background, race, age, language, or ability to speak or read. We believe that EVERYONE deserves access to, enjoyment of, and meaningful experiences with music.

The Conductor’s Circle is a select group of donors whose support, vision, and concern for the future of the SMSO are demonstrated through their generosity and three-year commitment to our mission of Transforming All Lives Through Music.

Individual and institutional donors are critical to the success of our mission: on average, ticket sales, grant funding, endowment distributions, and other earned revenue covers only 40% of our total costs.

This distribution of income is typical for orchestras of all sizes. With charitable contributions as a significant source of support, an orchestra’s impact and lifespan can be drastically limited without committed funding — regardless of engagement and box office successes. A three-year pledge of financial commitment strategically evolves our fundraising to ensure a sustainable future for the SMSO: not only do Conductor Circle Donors provide funds for the Orchestra of today, they pave the way for the Orchestra of tomorrow.

Membership in the Conductor’s Circle is a relationship that offers many impactful ways to support the Symphony in a way that aligns with your interests. The tiered gifts below represent the total commitment pledged over the life of a three-year term. Arrangements for pledge fulfillment can be customized to best fit your financial planning needs, whether by scheduled installments over the life of the term, or as a one-time payment. The perk rewards outlined below are traditional suggestions; we look forward to working with you to create a mutually beneficial package tailored to meet your philanthropic interests and goals.

To learn more about how you can become a Conductor’s Circle member, please call us at 269-982-4030.

All donations are tax-deductible.

The Conductor’s Circle was established to clearly identify a select group of donors whose support, vision and concern for the future of the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra are demonstrated through their generosity and commitment to our mission of Transforming Lives Through Music.